Sabrina Cusson

Artisane joaillière

A sneak peak at the history of jewelry-making

Sabrina Cusson

It’s true. Everyone admires jewelry. Ever since the dawn of age, jewels have been imbued with value, be it sentimental or monetary. An engagement ring encrusted with precious stones, big golden earrings, or a necklace that stands out… how can we resist decorating ourselves with such fantastic items?

Even during the Stone Age, men and women chose simple ornaments such as feathers and seashells to adorn their bodies. During the Bronze Age, metals such as gold and silver were discovered.  Egyptians, Greeks and Romans were renowned for their talent in jewelry-making, thus opening up numerous jewelry stores that attracted people in droves. Starting in the IX century, the luxuriousness associated to jewels began to take on some significance. At Charles the Fifth’s court, noblewomen and noblemen wore a different ring on their fingers, each day of the week. During the Renaissance, jewels became prized objects as jewelry-makers sought to refine materials and enhance the look of their artwork. Thanks to testimony provided by historians and by art and jewel specialists, we may admire and appreciate the rarity and beauty of gems created during this flourishing artistic period. For example, a pendant composed of precious stones and baroque pearls can still be found at the Bridgeman Art Library in London. The pendant is, admittedly, breathtaking.

The Art Deco period, which took place during the 1920s, was an era particularly cherished by art historians because of the original way in which jewelry-makers worked. Inspired by Louis XVI’s aesthetic style, jewelry-makers turned to platinum, a material that is highly sought after these days since it allows for more pliable pieces of jewelry.  Among other factors, these jewelry-makers were renowned for their use of geometric designs and natural forms.

Today, jewelry-making as an art form is making a comeback after the Second World War, when the demand for jewels went into decline. We count three different kinds of jewelry categories: metals and precious stones, costume jewelry and artisanal jewelry.

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